Below you can download some of the data sets and scripts I developed for my PhD project and Master thesis research, as well as some related texts I have written.

Download the feature extraction scripts for the English dative alternation, as described in our Language Resources and Evaluation article (pdf; 364kB).

Download the data sets I created for my PhD research on the English dative and benefactive alternation.

Download my annotation manual for the dative alternation (pdf; 58kB).

Download an older, more elaborate annotation manual for the dative alternation, used for conference papers in 2008 (pdf; 70kB).

Download my annotation manual for the benefactive alternation (pdf; 27kB).

Download the inventory of ish-words, established by Daphne Theijssen, Hans van Halteren, Tip Boonpiyapat, Anna Lohfink, Bas Ruiter and Hans Westerbeek (2010) (pdf; 172kB).

Download the data set and Perl scripts I created for my Master thesis research.

Download my Master thesis (pdf; 706kB).